Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Paquet Farm Centenial Poster Project

"Paquet Farm"
Barre, Vermont
1909 - 2009

I was asked to create a poster for the Paquet Farm Centennial celebration in conjunction with the Barre Heritage Festival. The farm is owned by my mother-in-law and worked by many family members, including my sons, part-time. I had just a few days to come up with a draft and I am not an illustrator or graphic designer, so I don't know the software one would use. I also had the constraints of one color and black. So I snapped a picture of a painting I did some years ago and converted it into black and white. Rather interesting. I used an editor to create the poster with the picture as it's centerpiece. I have a draft of the poster out for review by the town selectpeople. I will post the finished product when we get to that point, and fill you in on all the fun events they plan, including fireworks, a barbecue, and live music at the Farm on July 24. Yours truly definitely plans to be there.

Other than that -- I've been matting, framing, pricing, creating cards, labelling, and doing all the work of art. Tomorrow I turn to housecleaning.


Sheila said...

What an honor to have your art on the poster! congrats! Gearing up for this weekend eh?

theresamillerwatercolors said...

Fabulous - having one's art on a poster!

Mary Paquet said...

Sheila and Thesesa, thanks for checking in! I'm hoping the art on the poster works out in the black and white version. I should know tomorrow.

I am gearing up for the big weekend. It's been busy, but very fun to see the art matted and framed. Definitely the finished product has an edge over the paintings thrown in the stack in my studio.