Friday, April 28, 2017

Combining Collage and Paint

"Sounds of the City"
10" x 10" collage and acrylic
on museum quality canvas
I've been wanting to come up with ways to combine painting and collage with figures. I've painted Lisa Taylor before. She is a marvelous singer from Santa Cruz, CA, and I've danced to her live music a number of times. Her band's Facebook page gives you lots of info. I got permission from Lisa to use photos I've taken of her as subjects for my paintings.

I decided to use an unsuccessful canvas that had a highly textured surface. That is the least successful part of this experiment. I painted the background many different ways before settling on simple, then drew the figure in acrylic and painted it. I wanted a modern, flattened approach. I then found some interesting magazine pages for the collage and applied those with glossy medium. 

This method intrigues me enough to continue experimenting. Next I want to use a smooth surface canvas. I will also try watercolor on Arches with collage.


Barbra Joan said...

Mary, this is lovely. You've always inspired me to try this, and I finally did.. Just not enough time to do it all..
Although I came close to taking the Derek Gores workshop right here in Melbourne. Had to miss it this time.. Darn. !
Barbra Joan

Mary Paquet said...

Hope you find time for the workshop. It is great! This one is different, though incorporates the collage in the "buildings." I used acrylics for the rest of the painting.