Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Gwen Fox Online Coaching and Critique Group, Continued

My abstract, "Balancing Act" 

"The Batchelor" by Andrew Wyeth

Back to the critique group after the post on my latest collage.

A few days after the graduation, we left  Brooklyn, NY, on the ocean liner, Queen Mary II. I could paint and when I got to England, I could post on our private group Facebook page. I selected "The Batchelor" by Andrew Wyeth and focused on shapes on the left side of the painting. If you look carefully, you can see how I arranged my shapes in a similar way. This was a tricky one, because I purposely violated the rules and put the center of interest smack dab in the center of a square. With my line work and a tiny sphere, I completed "Balancing Act."  This is also a small watercolor on paper done with Koi set and brush pen and using care to soften some edges and blend the shapes. Gwen said I succeeded. She liked the red and yellow at the center of the painting that emphasiΩed my balanced sphere.


Candy said...

I agree with Gwen. You succeeded, Mary. Very nicely done! I like it!

Christiane Kingsley said...

I love your abstract!
All the best for 2017! I wish you a super creative usual for you:-)

Mary Paquet said...

Candi, thank you so much for being a faithful follower. I will be more thorough with the blog in 2017!

Christiane, Thank you and Happy New Year!

hmuxo said...

I've been catching up with all your amazing work, Mary.. I Hope you're well!!!!