Friday, April 3, 2015

Sunrise over Utah
15" x 20" Watercolor
Thanks to my bicycling friend Mike Miller for the reference photo he took in January while skiing in Utah. In 2008 Bob and I rode our tandem in Utah on our cross-country trip. Incredible vistas. This piece was challenging, but I was determined to finish it.

I first put down some washes. I then masked out the foreground grasses. Next I deepended the washes and I allowed the painting to dry thoroughly. I then looked for organic shapes to enhance with negative painting. The Magic Eraser helped with the sunrays. After removing the mastic, I deepened the grasses.


CrimsonLeaves said...

This is just beautiful, Mary. There is so much to see and enjoy that I couldn't stop myself from looking and looking and going back to look again. The palette is unique and gorgeous as well. Magic Eraser, hmmm? I might have to add one to my supplies.

Mary Paquet said...

Thanks, Sherri. The Magic Eraser is a household item by Mr. Clean. Be sure to get the Original, which does not contain any chemicals. It will abraid your paper a bit, but many prominent watermedia instructors recommend using it.

Jean Lurssen said...

I love the colors you used. They sing. What blue is that?

Mary Paquet said...

Jean, thanks so much for visiting. The blue is French Ultramarine -- I think, because it's been in my palette a while.