Friday, November 14, 2014

Revisiting Georgia O'Keefe Country

Georgia O'Keefe Country
14 x 11 Watercolor
Georgia said of the Perdenal, God told her that if she painted it, she would own it. Her ashes were spread on the Perdenal. After our workshop in New Mexico, Joan and I spent a day at Ghost Ranch taking the history tour, visiting the archeological museum, walking the grounds and labyrinth, and having lunch in their dining room. I first visited this area with Bob in 2011 when we spent a week in Santa Fe. View my previous painting of the Perdenal.

Following advice from Gwen Fox and Stephen Quiller, I did an acrylic underpainting of Azo Yellow on the bottom and Pthalo blue on the top. I then developed this painting in watercolor. I love that you can lift color so easily, which is how I developed the cottonwoods and shrubbery on the butte. For example, I lifted back to the Azo Yellow on the cottonwoods and then added color to give them shape. The color looks a bit less harsh in person than in this photo.

I also received a lovely thank you card from Gwen Fox for attending the workshop and spending some extra personal time with her. She took photos of the painting she deemed our best and made a card with our painting, a photo of the workshop attendees, and a personal message. The workshop was about how to market you art. Gwen is very good at marketing!

Gwen's card to me

The class
Friend Joan is third from left in the back row
I am on the right in the front row.


hmuxo said...

This watercolor is absolutely beautiful...peaceful and a place I would love to visit. Gwens card is lovely, Mary!!!

CrimsonLeaves said...

I love the Georgia O'Keefe Country, Mary. It is really beautiful and your colors are amazing. Sounds like you had an awesome time.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Your painting is very serene. I love the idea of using an acrylic underpainting. I will have to try it.

What a nice,classy gesture from your instructor Gwen Fox!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Mary - stopped over to visit from Christiane's blog. Had a lovely time reading some of your past posts. Loved seeing how much your art has developed from 2010 inre to Georgia O'Keefe Country. Your art is very beautiful. Thank you too for sharing some of your tips that you learned from your workshops. Love the idea of putting down acrylics and then developing with watercolors. May just have to give this a try. Hope you have a great week. Will be back to visit again soon.