Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Room with a View: Venice Beach

Venice Beach watercolor sketch
"Guesthouse Fireplace"
Venice Beach watercolor sketch
I should really say view of the room. For my birthday, we flew to Los Angeles and stayed for two nights in Venice Beach. We had a lovely time taking in "Lion King" live in Hollywood, strolling the beach and canal areas, and doing a progressive restaurant tasting with a group. We rented a place off, where private folks list rooms and houses for rent. We had the loveliest place. The hosts are wonderful, non-intrusive, but helpful. They left me a birthday card, two bottles of wine, cheese, and crackers, and the place was well stocked with staple items and cosmetics. One day the owner invited me to sit in front of their outdoor fireplace while I painted these two little sketches. He went off on his bike while his wife was working from home. The Venice area is very interesting these days and enjoying a renaissance. I can highly recommend the accommodations!


The evening before going to LA, on my actual birthday, we enjoyed a Christmas party for IBM retirees, where we danced and had a lovely meal.

My Scotsman bought us a corsage and boutonniere.


Barb Sailor said...

Mary - this sounds like a charming place to stay. I really like your sketches.

CrimsonLeaves said...

You look beautiful, Mary! And a man in a kilt is always a welcome sight. The sketches are wonderful and as long as not too cold, not too hot, and bug free, I could sit in front of the patio fireplace for hours on end!!