Friday, March 22, 2013

Plein Air at Kirk Farrington House in San Jose

11" x 14" Watercolor
Kirk Farrington House
San Jose,CA
 The real deal from a different perspective

"Spring Peony"
9" x 7" watercolor

The model was in front of me
Artists at work

The Kirk Farrington House is a beautiful old Italianate-style Victorian house built in 1878. The last surviving Farrington put the home in trust for the use of the Junior League of San Jose, Inc., and it is run by the Farrington Historical Foundation. Today the site is reduced to 3 acres from a thousand acre farm on lovely Dry Creek Road, a meandering road that runs through the middle of San Jose and is an upscale neighborhood.

Our leaders got permission for us to paint there. We did not go inside the house, but we enjoyed the gardens and the beautiful landscaping. I first set up on the edge of the road and did a portion of the house. Two very large trees cover the front of much of the house from that perspective. About a half hour before we would break at 1 for lunch, I grabbed a few supplies and sat down in the peony garden. With so little time, I did a quick painting without drawing any lines.

The weather was gorgeous and the blooms have suddenly appeared all over the valley. We artists had a fine time together. As we sat munching our picnic lunches, we admired our output.

The paintings from the session are starting to appear on the paintsites blog:


CrimsonLeaves said...

What beautiful scenes, Mary! You did a magical job. I feel the sense of history in your house painting.

Katharine A. Cartwright said...

Boy - that's a tough challenge (at least it is for me). I'm no good at plein aire and I admire you for doing this. Nice work!

Ruth Armitage said...

I love the freshness of your peony painting :) Painting without drawing first can be a real challenge, but you really made it work!

hmuxo said...

Your paintings are wonderful, Mary!
and I visited the website..everyone did a beautiful job!!