Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Monday Morning drawing class - Bob after a little break

"Scottish Bob"
14" x 16"vine charcoal
Here is Bob looking quite serious after returning from our 14-day cruise in the Carribean. (Watercolor sketches will appear in a future blog edition.) Our drawing instructor Bob Semans had asked my Bob to model for our class after we returned for vacation. For remuneration, we will receive a gorgeous pastel that Bob S. is doing as a demo for our class and his oil painting students. We are both very pleased.

Bob was asked to wear something colorful. That's his Balmoral (Scottish cap) that is usually worn with his Prince Charlie and kilt formal attire. He wore his fisherman knit sweater and bright vest that the class had admired when he stopped by several weeks ago. Our instructor selected the hat from among several.

Phase 1: Block in the planes with color
(c) Bob Semans

Bob S. began his demo by marking a few key points - height and width of head, centerline of the face, and location of the eyes, bottom of the nose, and mouth. He lightly sketched the edge of the clothing, and then blocked in masses of color. This is similar to his approach in oil portraits.

Phase 2: Begin to model within the planes
(c) Bob Semans
Next Bob began to model shapes within the planes. Notice how little detail defines the features and the simplicity of the beard.
Our group used vine charcoal to sketch along. My perspective is entirely different than the instructor's classic three-quarter view and lighting, so I did not see the nice shadows for my sketch.
Our model returns (with me, of course) to sit for us next week.


Jerry said...

I love all these studies of Bob and including your photograph. He looks the part in his Scottish attire; great work from both you and 'instructor Bob'!

Ruth Armitage said...

Great post :) I enjoyed seeing the different interpretations and perspectives of this classic model. Your rendering is a very good likeness.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Bob makes the perfect model! Love your start as well as that of the instructor.

hmuxo said...

You did an AMAZING job with this portrait!! He is the "perfect" model!!

Katharine A. Cartwright said...

Nice job, Mary! I've always had trouble with human likeness.

hw (hallie) farber said...

What a great model! I like both your drawing and the painting.

Bob Eltgroth said...

Now I know why she keeps me.

Mary Paquet said...

Thanks, everyone. And Bob, you are not just a pretty face!