Friday, February 24, 2012

Plein Air at the Santa Clara Depot

"Down at the Depot"
South Bay Historical Railroad Society Museum
Santa Clara, CA
14" x 10" Watercolor

Another great day painting in the sunshine. We are having an early spring after a non-rain winter. Our paintsites group gathered in Santa Clara at the transit center. Morning commuter Caltrains thundered in and out, picking up and disgorging passengers traveling to and from San Francisco or the Peninsula. Buses came and went, a construction crew in hardhats worked nearby, and our artists tackled perspective. Leaders Jenny and Sylvia offered a wonderful concise lesson with handouts. I even received a nice plexiglass viewfinder for attending. This painting truly was a perspective challenge.

The train depot turned museum is set in the historic Santa Clara Depot that was built between 1863 and 1877. Beside it are modern commuter style ticket kiosks and passenger platforms. See the real deal here.

My title obscurely references a very humorous story from a classic "Bert and I" CD with tales of Maine. One of the locals won a trip to NYC, and when he returned the mayor asked him what he thought of the city. He answered, "There was so much goin' on at the depot that I never got to see the village" in a Classic Down East accent.


CrimsonLeaves said...

I can't tell you how often I've wished I had the money and ability to buy one of these old depot buildings and convert them into a house. There is something about their architecture that has always appealed to me, especially the older depot buildings. You did a wonderful job here, Mary. Perfect perspective!

Jude said...

Nicely done! Sounds like a great group to be a part of too.

hw (hallie) farber said...

Those curved roof supports would be a challenge, but you got them. Nice work.

Barbra Joan said...

Mary, the instant I saw this painting , my thought was 'great perspective"
And then I read your post...
Hope your well, you sound good and I send you a hug, BJ

Rosemary said...

You did a great job! Sounds like a fun day - Super painting and an informative post!

hmuxo said...

You did a beautiful job on this difficult piece, Mary!!

Mary Paquet said...

Sherri, I agree that old depot buildings are special and would make a great house!

Jude, we indeed have a great group of people that make plein air very special.

Those supports were a challenge, Hallie. Michael Rogan, an excellent artist, did a great piece from the opposite end of the building. He used very muted colors and made the struts straight. Looked great.

BarbraJoan, so happy you thought perspective.

Rosemary, thanks for commenting. I always like to give a little history when I do plein air.

Hilda, thanks for your support.

Anna Jacke said...

The perspective is right on and I love the vibrancy and flow of the colors. Nicely done, Mary!

Shirley Durso said...

Your painting is wonderful. I was born and raised in Santa Clara and this is the second painting that I have seen that touched my heart. The other painting was by a young child who painted Station Three Santa Clara Fire Station on Homestead Rd. Thank you.