Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Art and Place" Show at the Forum Gallery

Vermont art

California art

On Wed. we hung the show at the Forum, a beautiful senior community of about 400 people at Rancho San Antonio Park.  The Forum is one of the finest in the Bay area and at the reception I met architects, doctors, the woman who started the docent program at Filoli, Stanford University professors, and  research scientists. Many people formerly lived in nearby Palo Alto and other areas of Silicon Valley and helped shape the technology industry.

The hanging was a challenge for the gallery manager and her crew. Judie had to order more hooks and complete the hanging with her maintenance crew. I was so pleased with the beautiful job they did. Yesterday Bob and I arrived a bit early and posted the art cards beside the paintings. I find that people linger to read the cards and view the paintings, a suggestion by the manager of University Arts who also is a prolific artist.  One woman told me how much she enjoyed my writing, which pleased me because I love to write. Here is an example of an art card.  The number is cross-referenced to my spreadsheet that includes pricing.

“Winter in the Garden" #33
North Danville, Vermont
14" x 11" Watercolor

In summer the stylish scarecrow protected the prolific plants
from hungry birds. The crops have been harvested and eaten, 
canned, or frozen. The garden was put to bed a few months 
ago. Ms. Scarecrow continues her cheerful watch in the 
Northeast Kingdom of Vermont on a subzero day.

Mary Paquet 408-629-7325

Judie displayed my artist statement and show description and I brought a dozen extra copies of each, which soon ran out. I shall send her additional. My business cards are available, too. I forgot my camera so used a cell phone, which affected the quality of the photos.

I selected the theme "Art and Place" because my inspiration comes through my personal experiences and  travels, both local and worldwide.  I featured the landscape, architecture, and people of California (my current home), Vermont (where I grew up), and the world. I had people tell me how much they enjoyed the Vermont paintings as many here came from the East. The snow scenes were especially popular. 

The reception was top drawer and well attended. The room had large round tables with linens, a bounteous buffet of appetizers, and a bartender serving a selection of wine, champagne, and non-alcoholic drinks. I was asked to speak, along with Helga, a resident who displayed her beautifully knit crafts in cabinets. The head of the welcoming committee introduced people who recently moved to the Forum.

We then joined Helga, our friend Libby (who asked me to do this show), and Judie for dinner in the restaurant.  Everyone dresses up for dinner and I felt like I was in a fine resort. Off to one side people were enjoying live music. Helga invited us to see her home with a breathtaking view of the mountains and park from high on a ridge. 


Marie Theron said...

What a good show, Mary! It was clever of you to leave an ample supply of cards! By -the -way, I find blogger so slow I get frequent time-outs when I try to comment! Facebook is always fast, can I find you and your art there?

PAMO ART said...

I wish I could have been there! I'm so glad your show was such a success. Congratulations Mary! WELL DESERVED!!!

Barbra Joan said...

Bravo Mary, a beautiful job.!

hmuxo said...

Looks like it was a successful show, Mary! Congratulations.

hw (hallie) farber said...

What organization and what writing skills! I would love to attend your show; I always want to know the story behind the art. This looks like a wonderful show--I like the food part, too. Sounds like a perfect evening of art.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Gorgeous event, Mary! It sounds like it went beautifully! Congratulations!

Arti said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time.
It looks all very well managed too, great Keep it Up Mary :)

Rosemary said...

Lovely show Mary! The art cards added a unique touch to each painting. Super idea! So glad you had the cell phone camera!

Mary Paquet said...

Marie -- I need to do more with Facebook! I will friend you.

Pam, thanks for checking in. One of my good buddies.

Barbra Joan, thanks -- it was a major production and very neat to see the show hanging.

Hilda, thanks for the encouragement.

Hallie, it was a perfect evening. I realize I care more about seeing all the art nicely framed and hung than I do about sales. The food was yummy.

Sherry, it went very well after some hitches with the hanging. Judy did a super job. Bob and I worked ahead so we were not rushed.

Arti, I appreciate your comments.

Rosemary, I enjoy doing the art cards and it's fun to see people taking the time to read them. Most of the text first appeared on my blog.