Saturday, January 21, 2012

Report on the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society Holiday Party

 Community Painting 1 -- "Circles"
20" x 30" Watercolor
Photo by Jane Ferguson

Community Painting 2 -- "Rectangles"
20" x 30" Watercolor

Artists at work
Brad Santos oversees as Lena Bogart adds her rectangle;
Cleo Couch adds his circle, 
Photo by Jane Ferguson

Time to report on the wonderful Holiday Party last Sunday. We had a beautiful time with lovely appetizers, wine, and Italian sodas followed by a potluck. There were over 100 people attending, including some guests of members. This year the sketch books from plein air drew lots of attention, probably due to better presentation on a long table. We also had plein air artworks displayed. A number of people opted for the painting exchange, and they went home with some lovely art for their collections. Our Hospitality Chair, Janice Faulstich, created a game that really got the group talking with people they didn't know.

I was so busy being the MC that I didn't even take any photos. Luckily there were a few posted on our SCVWS Facebook page. The biggest change to a very long tradition was the way we did joint paintings. In the past, there were two easels set up and people applied their mark. Two experienced artists pulled together the final product. These two "Progressive" paintings become part of our raffle to raise money for a charity art program for disadvantaged youth. Some people always complained that what they had painted got covered over. So we decided instead to do what Jane Ferguson titled a "community painting." Two full sheets were prepared, one with circles and one with rectangles. Throughout the party artists gathered and painted their circle and rectangle as people gathered round. Next year we want to make sure that everyone signs their masterpieces.

Aren't the results awesome? I actually have in Rectangles in my possession at the moment until I deliver it at my next critique group to the winner. People familiar with the work of Myrna Wacknov  will enjoy her self-portrait on Rectangles, in the fifth row, fifth from left. We are very excited about our new approach.

The raffle was a huge success -- we raised more money than ever before raffling original art by three celebrity artist members (Chris Beck, Ron Andrews, and Ferenc Bezse, our community paintings, and a free workshop of choice (a value up to $900 depending on the one selected). That last prize was a new decision by the Board and really pumped up sales of tickets.

As society pages used to say, "A good time was had by all"!


hw (hallie) farber said...

Sounds like a fantastic party/fund raiser. I like the community paintings of circles and rectangles--great idea.

janice said...

Thanks for the mention, Mary! It was a terrific party- I think the last category on the game page said it all-someone who "is happy he/she is a member of SCVWS!" It's the nicest group of people I've ever known.

CrimsonLeaves said...

What fabulous little mini masterpieces! Love the whole idea of it too and rather an ice breaker maybe for those who might not know each other!

Jane ferguson said...

Great post Mary,the community painting was a blast this year and Brad and I made a good team,Brad did all the prep work .I think it would be good to use that circle painting for some scows advertising in the future.What do you think?

Mary Paquet said...

Hallie, it was a terrific party.

Janice, I have to agree -- the nicest group of people I've every known.

Sherri, these community paintings were so special and such neat group dynamics created by it.

Jane, Brad really enjoyed his role and the two of you were a great team. I look forward to the next party when both of you have offered to do it again. I agree -- that circle painting would be a great ad for the society.

Tim Robinson said...

Really nice paintings. The first one reminds me of candy. Thanks for sharing and I am glad that you had a terrific time at the party!