Friday, January 6, 2012

First Painting in 2012

"Sunset in North Danville, Vermont"
Watercolor, 21" x 29"

Finally I've emerged from the busy holidays that included our annual New Year's Day Open House where we host about 100 people from our dancing, church, bicycling, art, music, neighborhood, and friends. I immediately came down with my annual respiratory thing that always hits about this time of year. So I've been pretty under the weather.

I managed to get started with frame inventory and art selection for my upcoming show at The Forum at Rancho San Antonio, a lovely upscale retirement community. That takes place mid-February. I've ordered some frames and have my art lined up for "Art and Place." Each piece has special meaning to me -- a place, the people, the landscape, and the architecture. I sketch and paint wherever I go and use the sketches and my photos to create larger pieces in my studio.

Today I decided to tackle a full sheet painting after realizing I have a couple very large frames I could put to good use. My son Jeff posted a photo he took one evening in North Danville, VT, a few months ago. I knew immediately that I would like to paint the scene where I have spent many happy times visiting family, and I have done numerous paintings of this rural town of 12 houses and a church. Jeff is kind enough to let me paint from his photos.  I like the angle of perspective, and the power lines and pole. 

I got out my Stephen Quiller pallette which is all set up for landscape painting with perfect complements that make wonderful grays.  There would be almost no pure color in this piece. I clipped a full sheet of Arches 140 lb. cold press to a support and wet the entire sheet except the streetlight. Then I used Ultramarine with some Permanent Orange, Quinacridone Rose, and some New Gamboge to get a variety of grays. I went over the whole sheet with the basic colors and then went back to enhance them as needed on the house, power pole, and landscape. I added the power lines and the street light, and made some adjustments of values. I will need to leave this a bit and go back and study it occasionally to see if there is anything else needed.

Happy New Year, everyone!


hw (hallie) farber said...

What a great start for the new year. I love the purplish house with the slight yellow in the sky--great perspective and fantastic power lines. I've been a follower for quite a while and you've made tremendous progress--I see it in your subtle quiet works.

Feel better soon. Take it easy; when I get really tired I come down with bronchitis or pneumonia--I learned the hard way. Recovery takes time.

Anonymous said...

An interesting composition and perfect final result, Mary. I love the softness of the blended colors, the beautiful sky and unique pov. Well done. I'm with you on the respiratory thing. I'm there too right now.

Christiane Kingsley said...

I too love the soft pinks and greys of this atmospheric painting. It has such a romantic, nostalgic feel...
Don't work too hard, Mary!

hmuxo said...

Love the misty look to this painting! Well done!!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful start to 2012. It's a lovely painting. Very evocative. I love the colors. Nice greys and soft lights.

Karen said...

The soft colors in this painting are lovely!