Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Room with a View: Down the Hill in Pacific Grove

"A Room with a View: Down the Hill"
7" x 10" Watercolor
Pacific Grove, CA

On Friday, we drove a little over an hour to the Monterey-Carmel area to spend the weekend celebrating Bob's birthday. I chose Pacific Grove Inn, a B&B made up of two lovely old homes about five blocks up from the bay. On Bob's Birthday on Saturday, I had time to paint another of my "Room with a View" series out our window while waiting for 8:00 breakfast.

We spent the day riding our small wheel bicycles. You see them here with Bob when we stopped in a park in Monterey near the rental paddle boats. We love our Bike Fridays, as small as our touring tandem is large. They are geared like big bikes, with 27 gears and also carry loads well on the racks. I use my "Merlot" (named for her color) to ride to the gym before dawn each morning and to run local errands. She travels nicely on Light Rail to my drawing class.

We had lunch on the Municipal Pier at Sandbar Restaurant, an old staple and away from the major hubbub of nearby Fisherman's Wharf. We leisurely rode 15 miles along the gorgeous coastline. Pacific Grove has fabulous rocks where the waves break and can be climbed at low tide. We went dancing at an Argentine Tango Milonga in the evening.

Bob celebrates being Medicare eligible

Sunday we returned home in time for the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society Annual Show Reception. What an event! We had more than 300 guests show up to view the art, watch the Awards Show, and enjoy beautiful nibbles, wine and sodas. Our Exhibit and Hospitality teams are top drawer.

Some of the more than 100 watermedia paintings on display

"Family Duet" (top, left) had a home next to an award-winning painting

I gave the welcome address and turned the ceremony over the Exhibits chair.

Welcoming more than 300 people to the awards ceremony


Barbra Joan said...

Oh Mary, love that place, I remember it well . What a nice way to celebrate Bobs birthday. and your painting is top notch.
What can I say about the reception... except that I wish I were still living there, Wonderful. hugs, BJ

hmuxo said...

Beautiful watercolor, Mary.!

hw (hallie) farber said...

I really like your "Room with a View" series. I think I saw the play in NY in the early 70s.

Congratulations to Bob on the big one; luckily, Medicare still has some money (maybe they're just printing more).

I am in awe of your biking, your traveling, your organizational skills, and your wonderful paintings.

Barbara Pask said...

I love your series Mary, a wonderful idea. I remember an article in a old American Artist magazine where this gentleman painted either scenes in his house or out his window. His work was great, we do need to take time to appreciate what is around us don't we? I love your little bikes.

Rosemary said...

Mary , you are a busy lady! I love this post! Your painting captured the view and the mood! Your little bicycles are “cute” - and I guess with 27 gears - they can take you anywhere! We ride bicycles too - but mine has only 5 gears - in Flat-Florida that’s enough for me! :-) The exhibit is beautiful! It’s going to be fun trying to keep up with you! Maybe you have inspired me to ride my bike to the gym - have thought about doing that…maybe….

Anonymous said...

You and Bob know how to live, Mary! Love the room with the a view and now I want to look into those bikes. I definitely need to exercsie more and maybe this would do it??? One can dream.

Barb Sailor said...

What an awesome way to spend an autumn weekend. Your watercolor is lovely.

Claire M said...

So interesting to hear about your latest adventures and see your B&B painting. Sounds like you are having lots of fun! Enjoy!!

Mary Paquet said...

Friends, it's been another busy week and now I can properly thank you for stopping by. Barbra Joan, wish we could have met when you lived here.

Hilda, thanks!

Hallie, I never saw the play, but I saw a movie once with that title and couldn't resist using it for this series. Bob and I are lucky to be the age we are with everything in transition. Hopefully Medicare will last as long as we do!

Barbara, it's amazing what we can see from a window and it really makes limiting the scene easier. I find that these little paintings preserve my memories of my travels. The little bikes are wonderful and I use mine all the time at home.

Rosemary, sounds like you bike already. We enjoyed our trip through Florida in April, though we were challenged by tropical heat that we are not used to.

Sherry, though these are great bikes, any bicycle that works smoothly is a great bike to ride. You don't need to spend a lot of money to have an enjoyable form of exercise.

Barbara, autumn on the California coast is very special.

Claire, it was great seeing you in our "other life." Your armchair travel sketches have a lot of life. I love to check in and see where you are "travelling."