Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Drawing Class: Variations in Chroma on Spherical Shapes

"Fall Gourds"
12" x 15" pastel

Today's exercise at Monday drawing class was a collection of fall gourds. I see that I caused a bit of a line on the right gourd when transporting the piece home by bicycle and light rail. The challenge was to get the mottled texture and the gradations in value and color on the three gourds. I believe the left gourd was my most successful, and I modified it when instructor Bob Semans came by and noted that I needed a change in chroma as the gourd rounded into the shadows. I liked the slight modification; this is the final result.


conservativelybohemian said...

A nice job, Mary. Now I have to go look up "chroma." LOL I love the greens and that bit of orange in the center gourd is wonderful!

Barbara Pask said...

What a wonderful fall painting, very nice work on all three gourds.