Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Drawing Class: Spring Calla Lilies

"Spring Callas"
Pastel, 12" x 14"

You may have wondered if I continue to attend drawing class, and I do. I never seem to be able to finish anything in the few hours we have to draw and apply pastels. This is by no means finished, though I took some time tonight to apply more pastel. We've been working on florals the past few weeks. These two large Calla Lillies were a much easier subject to tackle than a large bouquet of Daffodils, and I love the shapes.

Bob did a demo showing that everything is made up of core forms: cylinders, spheres, cubes, and triangles. He reminded us that the shapes are modified by perspective. Here you see the Callas are an inverted cone with a shallow sphere on top. If you think of the basic core forms, it's much easier to draw the subject and refine the core forms into the specific object.

If you enjoy Calla Lilies, you might enjoy revisiting this piece that I did in watercolor. The subject was Bob's daughter's unique wedding bouquet. She liked the painting and I gifted it to the happy couple when they bought their home last spring.

This is my final drawing class until summer when I return from my major adventures. In August, Robert Semans, my instructor, will be teaching a drawing workshop for the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society. The class runs August 12 to 14, so people who work could attend by just taking a Friday vacation day. I will be coordinating the class. See SCVWS workshops for information.


Sheila said...

Oh Mary!!!! This is your best work yet! It is absolutely devine~ I love it. Beautifully drawn, shaded, composed. Winner! do more!

AutumnLeaves said...

This is so lovely, Mary. I really adore the watercolor version too and I know that couple must be over the moon. Wish I could join you for the workshop, but alas,

Christiane Kingsley said...

Mary, the colors of the lilies and the leaves are gorgeous: this is such a serene painting. I love it!f

hw (hallie) farber said...

What is it about calla lilies? I think the simple shape (until you try painting one) is just beautiful. Thanks for the link to your previous painting. I agree with Sheila; this new one is a winner.

Anonymous said...

I too think your composition and shading on this piece is excellent. You always strive to improve and that effort keeps showing up in your work.

hmuxo said...

Love how soft this painting is. Great transition in the shading. The leaves are very realistic as well. Good job!!

Mary Paquet said...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. I wish I had more time right now for art. This was fun to do and I was really pleased that my instructor came by and said it was progressing nicely. Bob visits each of us and gives us advice as needed.

I enjoy developing the forms by varying pressure and amount of pastel to create the various values, especially in the transition areas. This one was done on grey toned paper. Bob always advises us to work on dark paper when we do pastels.

Arti said...

What beauty... Looks wonderful.
Loved the strokes and the shades too!!
Have a great day:)

Barbra Joan said...

Mary, you know I've always liked your pastel work.. and this one is a beaut.! Well you watercolor version was no slouch either !!!
really hope to see you .. BJ