Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Drawing Class and Some News

"Lemons in Clay"
14" x 12" Pastel

Here is the piece I worked on today. As usual, it was half-done when I left class and I applied a bit more pastel tonight from memory. Not a "finished" work, and it will join the stack of other almost complete pastels.

Yesterday I attended the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society Holiday Party. My job this year was easy -- buy and deliver the ice. The party was great fun. I showed a couple plein air pieces and enjoyed seeing the work of others. The entertainment was a creative group competition. Each table was given a bag of goodies to create a Ms. or Mr. Neptune (the theme of the party was New Year's on Neptune). We had great fun costuming one of our good-natured table mates.

Our current leader, Karen Wong, announced that I had agreed to become leader of the 400-member society in 2012. When the nominating committee asked, I told them that I am unable to do the leader position in 2011 (I should be starting in July) because Bob and I will be touring the East Coast on our tandem bicycle. Immediately following the tour I travel to France with a girlfriend for an masters art workshop. So they've agreed to let me begin a year's term January 2012. SCVWS is a great organization and I am honored to be asked to lead.

About the bike tour: We leave San Jose on March 30 for Hilton Head, SC, to attend a family wedding, then proceed to Key West to begin our ride north to Bar Harbor, ME, and then to Vermont to visit family. We expect to finish by the end of June. I've hired a house sitter who will move in and live here during our tour. I don't like leaving the house empty. Bob's daughter and her husband (then almost fiance) lived here the summer of 2008 while we crossed the USA on the tandem, but they've since married and bought their own home.

In case you are curious, we documented our 2008 USA tandem tour here:
You can get a flavor of this adventure by checking out days 28, 42, 43, 71, 79, and 82.

We will be setting up a journal to post daily reports as we travel. I will take a brand new Koi pan paint set with watercolor brush and small Moleskine watercolor journal and a sketch pad. I plan to do small paintings and sketches along the way. When we get the new touring journal set up, I will post a link.


AutumnLeaves said...

Mary, congrats on your position! It sounds like a truly fun group too. M and I have been thinking of getting a tandem bike in the spring (I say that way he can haul my large arse up the hills! LOL). What fun!! Love the gritty light in this basket of fruit. It looks fabulous!!

Kathy said...

Congratulations!! You'll be a fabulous leader and they're lucky you've agreed to take the position. The bike ride is inspiring - I really admire you! Contact me when you get to Maine :-)

Mary Paquet said...

Sherry, good to hear your humor is intact. Unfortunately, when I ride the tandem, I help haul his arse even though I am in back. The touring tandem includes Bob's 250 pounds and our gear for a total of over 600 pounds to push! You should have seen my strong thighs in 2008. Do get one though -- lots of joint fun.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Congratulations on your new great position. You will be fabulous at it! I admire your energy once again: that bike tour will be fun, but I know that I would be exhausted after the first day:-) I will certainly go to the description of your previous tandem tour and will look forward to reading your posts while you are on your new thrilling adventure. The title of your blog is perfect for you and your adventurous spirit. Wow! I admire you.

Mary Paquet said...

Kathy, thanks so much for your kind support. I will be in touch when we near the area where you live in Maine. I would love to meet you in person before you come out for your workshop.

Christiane, thanks for checking in and encouraging my adventures! I hope to do some tiny paintings and sketches that capture the essence of the areas we visit on our tandem bike.

hw (hallie) farber said...

My hat is off to you and your adventures.

PAMO said...

Mary- your pastel is gorgeous!
I just know you will be a tremendous leader of your group and bursting with great ideas.
Thanks for the link to your past ride- I will check it out. And I look forward to hearing more about your upcoming trip.
Have fun! I know you will!!!

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Mary, I do like your pastel still life artwork. They're lush and well drawn. Congratulations on your leadership position in 2012! What a generous gift of you time and energy. And, your upcoming adventures are, well, most adventurous. I wonder how you handle the logistics. It sounds fun and then you get to go to France! Exciting!

Mary Paquet said...

Hallie, the adventures keep life interesting.

Pam, I look forward to both the bike tour and a year as the leader of wonderful artists.

Peggy, the tour journal will include lots of info on logistics. They are very interesting, indeed. And France is one of my favorite countries, so going with Joan should be very special.