Monday, October 18, 2010

Drapery Folds Modelled in Pastel and Jamie's Art

11" x 14"

Bob Semans originally planned to demo modelling a crumpled paper bag. Not sure if he took pity on us or just preferred to do draped linen, but that's what he did. He set up the drapery over a table edge under warm light. The most difficult places to model are parts of the folds is in the half light. Getting the piece to read correctly so there is perception of roundness is a bit of a trick. We combined a warm, 0ff-white pastel with charcoal. We had about an hour and half to work on our piece after Bob's demo. I enjoyed the challenge and need to develop my skills further. I had to look closely for small variations in light and shadow. I was referencing a nice value scale that Bob made up for us. As always, I could spend many more hours completing this piece.

Mondays are pleasant. After 30 years of Mondays in high tech, I savor my drawing class. I combined bicycle and light rail to cover the 32-mile round trip. I stopped at MacDonalds for a senior coffee, and went to lunch after class with Bob and several other students at Race Street Fish and Poultry where I enjoyed the Ahi Tuna. Light rail and a downtown MacDonalds keeps me anchored in the realities of life with people from many cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. It's good to be reminded that even my diverse neighborhood is not representative of the realities of the USA and San Jose in 2010 with a faltering economy.

On a wonderful lighter note, I came across a partially done collage by my granddaughter, Jamie, 16, while visiting my son's family in Vermont. Her mom explained that when they were getting their dog, Bailey, from the pound, Jamie was lobbying for a border collie, which sweet mutt Bailey is not. So one night she sat down with paper and scissors and began this piece. I just love how creative she is. When she finds out I snapped a picture of this piece, she will say, "oh, that! I was just having fun." Jamie's teacher is taking her and her portfolio to Boston for a review done by representatives from the top USA creative art schools.

"Border Collie"
Partially complete collage
Granddaughter Jamie


Margaret Bednar said...

I adore the border collie collage! And your drapery is very fine - Mondays sound very fun!

PAMO said...

Your drapery exercise looks fantastic! I remember spending a week doing a column fold with graphite- it's quite an exercise to find all the values. You've done beautifully here!
Your granddaughter's collage dog is fabulous. It is so colorful and delightful- I just love it!

Charlene Brown said...

It always amazes me that anyone can render anything 'readable' drawing draped fabric!

Your granddaughter's collage looks very like something Norval Morrisseau would have done if he'd ever done anything as straightforward as a border collie!

jyothisethu said...

beautiful work...
you have captured the light and shade nicely...
the drapery is a wonderful subject and i asked my artist (hus) to try something like this also...


hwfarber said...

Your work is very impressive, Mary. For some reason, I've always enjoyed drawing drapery. You must be very proud of your granddaughter--her collage is wonderful.

I cannot help but notice a similarity in shapes between the two pieces. Your drapery, though, only has one ear.

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Mary, I was thinking about what a wonderful job you've done. I think it's great you're working with pastel and charcoal. You've achieved the look of linen to me; well done! AND, I like the collage! Interesting shapes and color choices! Best of luck to her.

Kathy said...

Jamie is wonderfully creative and artistic like her grandma!! Your drapery drawing is executed very well. Reminds me of my college days when one of my drawing professors had us do a series of drapery drawings that, at first, intimidated me. After awhile they were fun. Nice work!

Mary Paquet said...

Margaret, thanks so much -- I checked out your daughter's art - awesome.

Pam, thanks for the encouragement. Doing a fold is a real challenge.

Charlene, as always, I appreciate your comments and encouragement. I will recommend Jamie look at Norval M.'s work -- I see the similarity to Jamie's collage work

Joyothi, thanks -- you have a wonderfully creative son and husband.

Hallie, your comments are always so interesting. I had not observed the similarities between the shapes!!

Peggy, I find I am learning so much about how to "see" with charcoal and pastels and precision drawing. Truly this class has contributed most to advancing my art.

Kathy, it's interesting how challenging drapery is to recreate. I find it much more difficult than modeling a solid form, such as fruit or objects.