Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Riding Denmark's Bike Route 92

"Riding the island of Aero"
Travel sketch

I brought a comfy pair of sandals that disintegrated after walking 5 miles in Copenhagen. A new friend from Aeroskolbing told us there is a great shoe store in the town of Mastral, 12 kilometers away. Bob always needs a real reason to ride a bike, and this did it. We rented bikes for 24 hours and headed off to buy shoes. Rolling hills dotted with farms, tiny villages, green grass and blue sea filled our senses on a picture-perfect sunny day. I took a couple pictures of Bob riding past fields blooming with lupines and poppies. I was delighted to see a relative of our California poppies. Ours come in orange and cream, usually, and theirs are vivid red.

I almost decided not to show this sketch as I did not get Bob's proportions at all right as I drew from memory. Then I said what the heck, it's a travel sketch and captures some of the lovely scenery and the peaceful happiness I felt. And yes, I bought a pair of Ecco sandals at Freddy Sko that will trigger memories of this day every time I wear them.


hwfarber said...

Yesterday the Launderette and today the bike ride. Both beautiful.

I usually order my Ecco's on line--never thought of making a trip to Denmark to pick up a pair. (We'll need a sketch of them.)

PAMO said...

A fabulous painting!! I love it!!
I've never had Ecco's- they sound comfy.

Nina E Jørgensen said...

awesome!! i absolutely love the softness of the watercolours on the background and the bautiful nature! you captured a moment lost in time, I feel like I want to be there!

Christiane Kingsley said...

Great way to remember this wondeful trip! Enjoy!

Barbra Joan said...

OMG! Mary, so glad you posted this. Love it. I've been away from my blog, but back now and will write you a longer one. So glad to be catching up on your work and adventures. Have a wonderful time.

AutumnLeaves said...

Truly a beautiful scene, Mary. That said, 12 km on a bike through hilly territory? Oh my!! How good you two are! Truly love the landscape; the silhouetted wildflowers with shade is just beautiful!