Saturday, April 10, 2010

Small Pieces - Channeling Wayne Thiebaud?

5" x 7""
Acrylic on Matboard

"It's the 40's"
5" x 7"
Acrylic on Matboard

Entryway display

I've always loved the shape element. Perhaps that is why I so enjoy the work of Matisse. For my art sales, such as Silicon Valley Open Studios, I like to offer some small, very modestly priced original work, especially in these challenging economic times. If you read my first post about the Wayne Thiebaud talk, you saw my experiment with acrylic on mat board. Bob always ends up with some mat board scraps, in spite of his great knack for cutting sheets economically. Yesterday afternoon, I got out my life drawings of Jane Ferguson that I did at a session to benefit Doctors without Borders last month. Here are two that I've completed so far. I have a stash of small mahogany frames, and these little pieces are very charming on my decorative shelves in the entry where I display multiple pieces of art.

The white line drawing was my first piece as that was my original design concept. I also love the line element. Then I found myself wondering about using color on the brown mat board. I drew each of these from my original sketches using vine charcoal. As I did the second piece, I liked the look of the charcoal line and recalled Jean Pederson's wonderful use of line with her very beautiful paintings of people. (Take the link and especially look at "Harlequin" that appeared on the cover of Artist Magazine. See below for information on a Jean Pederson workshop.) I used liquid black gesso to do the line work on "Summertime." All the while, I was recalling Wayne Thiebaud's statement that "Everything we paint has components of what was."

Jane Ferguson, my model, is one of my favorite artists. Yup, I am being repetitious. Jane scours second hand shops for interesting clothing for her modeling sessions, and she did about a half dozen costume changes. Jane happens to be one of the most accomplished artists in the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society of over 400 artists.

In 2012, I will be coordinating a Jean Pederson workshop for the society. We have many "big name" artists scheduled over the next few years, so be sure to check our schedules. If you are coming here from out of the area, we can recommend reasonable places to stay.


Christiane Kingsley said...

Mary, I always enjoy reading your posts: you have such an interesting "artistic" life!
offer smaller, less expensive artwork: I find that it makes a studio tour more fun for both the buyer and the artist.

Mary Paquet said...

I agree, Christiane -- at our last Open Studio, Diane, a floral painer, painted some very small florals and framed them in charming, decorative tabletop frames. That weekend was Mother's Day and she featured them as gifts. They were very popular among our guests.

AutumnLeaves said...

I especially love that Summertime painting, Mary. It is so lovely, and it does remind me of Matisse! I also love your display. I just have to do something similar! First though? Frames...I have got to get my pieces framed!!

Nina E Jørgensen said...

Heya Mary! Sorry I havent been commenting, been a bit away from blogger. But hey that is awesome, I would recommend Louisiana museum of modern art in Denmark, it is about 25 minutes from central copenhagen by train :

And in sweden I like Malmo Konsthall in malmo southern sweden about an hour from copenhagen by train
but i guess it all depends on what exhibition they have going on.
I went to the modern museum in Helsinki and i was a bit disappointed because about half of the exhibition rooms were closed and you still had to pay full price but perhaps it will be better in the summer?!

Mary Paquet said...

Sherry, thanks. Suggestion for frames: I usually design paintings to fit stock frames. Bob cuts mats and frame backing so I am lucky there. I get supplies online. I pick up frames at sale prices and do the framing myself. You can also buy the frame pieces and assemble them easily.

Nina, thanks for the information. I will bring the list.

Charlene Brown said...

This is a delightful composition of your beautiful little artworks -- easily rearranged as parts of the display are sold. What a great idea!

Mary Paquet said...

Charlene, thanks. I have found my two display shelves wonderfully helpful at Open Studios. As you say, I can quickly fill in the blank spaces when I sell a piece.

Amitraghat said...

nice composition...."

jane ferguson said...

Dear Mary ,Good to see you the other night.You are very kind with your compliments about my work,thanks I really appreciate them.