Sunday, October 11, 2009

Quick experiment with watercolor and pastel

"Sunset in Monterey"
Watercolor and pastel
12" x 9"

I've been out of town without much time for art. Tonight I grabbed a small painting I did at the Carmel Paintout and added some pastel. My drawing instructor, Bob Semans, tells us you can do an underpainting in watercolor and then apply pastel. This piece was more than an underpainting and it was not on a smooth surface, but rather on cold pressed watercolor paper, so the pastel appears as dots. I left it that way in some places, such as the trees, but I swiped some of it with a wet paper towel and rather liked the results.


Christiane Kingsley said...

Mary, this has an almost abstract feel to it. Quite nice! From the picture, I can't really tell that there is some pastel over the watercolor. However, it's great to experiment and to have new tools at one's disposals.
What added dimension do you feel you got from the pastel?

Mary Paquet said...

Christiane, a great question. I don't think I really got an added dimension that I could not have gotten with more watercolor, except perhaps a bit of highlighting on the trees. I would have had to plan that in ahead of time. With the pastel, I added a bit of lighter color.

As you say, fun to experiment.