Thursday, October 29, 2009

A commissioned painting

"Autumn at the Paquet Family Farm"
14" x 21"

Recently I was commissioned by a Paquet family member to create a painting of the farm buildings for her home. A cousin of my late husband, Gary, was very taken with a painting I had done early in the 90's of the farm in winter. She had seen the painting at the farm museum during the centennial celebration in July. I was asked to include the main farm buildings and given discretion to select a season. It's fall and I recall the lovely colors in Vermont, so I designed an autumn scene.

If you look real close, you will see a few pumpkins by the silos and under the tree in the center of the farmyard. Pumpkins are a popular item at the farm stand that opens in August with corn sales and runs into October. The farm stand is made up of a canopy and tables of farm-grown crops set under the tree. My sons, now living in Vermont and New York with day jobs, pitch in with extended family in their off hours to grow and sell the crops on the farm and to help maintain the farm.

Using bits and pieces of photos of the farm, I designed a scene that would include the buildings and terrain surrounding the farm that sits on West Hill in Barre, Vermont. Though my studio art has largely moved away from landscape in the past couple of years, I enjoyed doing this scene. I recalled getting to know Gary's grandparents, founders of the farm in 1909, hardy farm folks from the province of Quebec in Canada. I thought of all the good times we had with our young children on the farm, memories similar to those of the cousin requesting the painting. Most recently, I remet the descendants of Joe and Emeda Paquet's 13 children at the farm celebration, and we enjoyed many hours of reminiscing.

I am happy to report that the requester is delighted with the image that I sent her and the painting will soon be on it's way to her home in Connecticut. You can see more farm paintings and read more about the Paquet family farm on this blog.


Christiane Kingsley said...

Mary, congratulations on this commission. I can see why the requester is very pleased with it from an artistic and personal point of view.
I especially like how you painted the silos and incorporated many parts of the farm in your composition.

Mary Paquet said...

Christiane, thanks so much. I always enjoy hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, Wow! There is lots of subtle color in your work; nicely done. I liked the pumpkins and your description.

Charlene Brown said...

Your landscape style is a delight! The colour blends are so fresh and spontaneous, and I think you have included just the right amount of tiny perfect detail.

Claire M said...

This is lovely! It is such a peaceful setting and what a special family treasure!

Mary Paquet said...

My friends, thanks so much for your lovely encouragement. The requestor described it as a happy painting, and it is. The farm was and remains a very special place for me. I wanted to keep the work very transparent and lively.

janice said...

Your painting is so charming!
Your cousin-in-law is surely thrilled with the painting.

Barbra Joan said...

Wonderful painting Mary, It certainly has charm. On another note, your energy inspires me !!! Thanks BJ

Mary Paquet said...

Barbra, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. My fellow artists energize me, too!