Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fun with Google Bicycles

"Searching for My Ride"
10" x 12" Watercolor

I have been very remiss at doing blogger lately. With a mini vacation in Mendocino and many life activities, I've had little time for art or my blog. I did manage a couple things and I am working on a large piece.

This painting was inspired by some photos I took when son Jason was here in April. We visited many high tech hot spots, including the Google campus in Mountain View. Google has a entire fleet of brightly colored bicycles, including a large conference bike that six people can pedal while meeting. If you drive past during the lunch hour, the employees go flying by on one of these bicycles. They are used throughout the day, though. The colors are, of course, the Google palette.

When I designed the picture, it was a half sheet. I was not happy with the design, but I really liked this part, which was actually the heart of the painting. I cropped it and may do a larger piece one of these days.


Christiane Kingsley said...

Mary, I think we are all guilty of posting a bit less on our blogs during the summer. That probably means we are enjoying the nice weather:-)
I really like your colorful bicycles and enjoyed reading about how they are used at Google's. Fascinating!

Candy said...

Great job on the bicycles, Mary! Google has got to be the coolest place to work. What a great idea!

CrimsonLeaves said...

A bicycle built for 6? That must be an amazing sight! Love what you've captured here and I love that their bikes are painted in their colors. Very unique!

Mary Paquet said...

The bicycles create quite an interesting atmosphere on their huge campus. I once taught a two-day bicycle safety class for women at Google's request.