Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Monday Morning Drawing Class: Sweet Peas in a lovely vase

14" x 12" Pastel

In case you thought I quit my longstanding Monday drawing class, I have not. Classmate Mary provided a beautiful vase and Sweet Peas from her garden. We spent two Monday mornings on this drawing, and it was a challenge in many ways, not the least of which was a whole new arrangement on the second Monday because bouquets don't last a week.

Three of us worked on this setup while Bob was spending a good deal of time with new folks in the class. However, at critical points we requested some help and critique. For florals, Bob emphasizes masses of values, rather than detail. Be sure to push the lights, mostly on the right of this bouquet. Make the most of your darks, as seen at the top of the vase and in the dark greens of the leaves. Pump up those highlights. It's all about values.


martinealison said...


Un pastel rempli de fraîcheur...

Gros bisous ♡

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Mary,

I think floral arrangements are a challenge because of the shapes, colors and flower things. I think you have done well by massing of values and resisting the temptation to go deep into the details. I like that there are a few detailed flowers. I can see what your instructor Bob means about the values. The contrast of the vase works with the soft valued floral masses.

Well done!

PAMO said...

Wow! This is beautiful. I thought it was a photograph at first glance. Great technique!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Mary I always love your pastel work. It is always so beautiful and this is no exception. Love that unique vase and the sweet pea flowers are gorgeous!