Sunday, July 28, 2013

Flying High Again

Champlain Island Flowers
3" x 5" watercolor sketch
I like to visit family in Vermont at least once a year, so off we went for eight days. We managed to see lots of relatives, including most importantly my two sons. I planned a little getaway for us in the Champlain Islands, so close to Canada that at times the phone company sent messages about international charges.
Jeff, Mom, and Jason 
I've always loved wild flowers and they are at their peak in July in Vermont, so on my early morning walk, I created a little bouquet for our room. Later I did a tiny sketch in my Moleskine watercolor journal with my Koi pan paints.

"Moonlight in Vermont"
3" x 5" watercolor sketch
A full moon and balmy night combined for a lovely scene. I couldn't do it justice in the few minutes I could spare to paint, but I will try it now that I am home.

"Bob Flying High"
IPad on American Airlines
To pass some time while flying, I sketched Bob using a free Sketchbook app. I'm not very good at this yet.
IPad in Bradley International Airport 

A woman waiting for our plane to Dallas was passing the time texting, like almost everyone in the airport.

We arrived home Friday evening  and I delivered my "South County Wine on the Vine" painting to it's new owner at the end of the "California Harvest" exhibit today. Tomorrow I take two collages to the Rengstorff House in Mountain View for their Arts Festival. We have the artist reception on Thursday evening, 5 to 7. Do come if you are in the area.


CrimsonLeaves said...

So glad you had time to visit with your sons, Mary. You are so tiny! I guess all that bike riding does a body good! Love the little paintings, even Bob using the app.

hw (hallie) farber said...

What a way to travel--your koi set and iPad Sketchbook. I really like the two you did in Sketchbook.

You look like a teenager standing between your sons.

Mary Paquet said...

My sons don't thank me for my short gene!