Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Room with a View: Sunset at Jupiter River Park"
7" x 9" Watercolor Sketch
I celebrated a significant birthday in Jupiter, Florida with my family from Vermont, including my oldest brother and his wife. Days filled with sunshine, boat rides, the Lighted Boat Parade, swimming, an adventure in the Everglades, and visiting cousins on Merritt Island marked the occasion. We went to the Melbourne gallery/studio of Derek Gores who taught collage here in San Jose. I now own a small original and each of the family members purchased a print. One night we walked by the water near the house just as the sun was setting, depicted in the scene above. We flew down Thursday and home on Tuesday. It's the most time my sons, Jeff's wife, and I have had together in years. Bob enjoyed himself, too.
I received a beautiful family photo on canvas.  The granddaughters are often depicted in my art.
Jeff, Jamie, Kelly, Beth
Jason gave me an IPad because he knows that it would take me another 3 years to get around to treating myself to one. While waiting in the airports, I did sketches on it. I can see this will be a great addition to my art.
Today, I will be doing plein air on the coast with the watercolor society.


Barbra Joan said...

A wonderful time in our Sunshine State... Good for you... love your sketch.
While I'm on here... your collage of your granddaughter (below) is fantastic.
I've yet to try this but I will..
notice ::: I said 'try ' lol .

CrimsonLeaves said...

It sure sounds like you had a fabulous birthday, Mary! And I wish you so many many more.

hmuxo said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday, Mary!! Happy Birthday!!!
This painting is the colors in the sky and water...VERY well done!!!