Monday, November 12, 2012

More Room with a View: York and Monday Drawing Class: An Onion

Room with a View: York, England
3" x 5" watercolor sketch
"Red Onion"
12" x 14" Pastel 
I last posted about Glasgow, Scotland, having started you in the middle of our trip in Edinburgh where we spent several days. From Edinburgh we traveled by train to York, England. Both Bob and I had been there previously, but not together. We enjoyed wandering the town and Bob grabbed a shot of me with a bicycle and the fattest little bird who was obviously used to handouts (he's on the rail over the bicycle handlebars). I enjoyed time with him, but I don't feed wild animals who need to know how to survive without begging from tourists.

The bicycle theme continued when Bob saw a shirt he had to have, but the shop was never open when we checked it. So after we returned home, I ordered one online in orange for his birthday. Notice it says "Cranky." The crank on a bicycle is the arm that attaches the pedal to the chain ring.

We stayed in a sweet little B&B, the Ardmore House,  a block away from the Minster (a famous old Cathedral). Cash only, nice breakfast, and very friendly hostess. The view being non-descript, I chose to paint the floral arrangement with a bit of artistic design of my own in the background. Apologies for a slightly askew photo.


Our biggest serendipitous moment in York came when we chose to attend Even Song with lovely singing by the children's choir. The church was honoring all the many generations of people who have made it possible to keep the church in repair. After the service we were invited to the side of the main seating area for a celebratory drink. We enjoyed a glass of wine and from a generous selection of red and whites a chat with one of the parishioners who made a point of talking with us. 
I've been so busy that I've been driving my car to Monday drawing class, about 16 miles away. Today I used my bicycle and light rail to get there. Somehow I always feel so adventurous when I do that. I stop at McDonald's with an eclectic mix of downtown patrons, buy a "senior coffee," and read a bit before pedaling over to class. Today Instructor Bob took us back to basics, modeling one object and really seeing the subtle changes that create three dimensional form. Bob set out a bunch of onions and told us to pick one and draw it oversize. I was the only one doing a red onion and was really mired down when Bob came over and showed me how to dig into one very small part and work the subtle differences. Doing parts this way turned what I thought was a mess into an onion. I learned a lot today.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Love the flowers; reminds me a bit of Nora McPhail's work too. The onion is perfect! Your trip looks like it was amazing, Mary. Love Bob's t-shirt too.

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Mary,
I enjoyed reading about your adventures and looking at the photos in this post and the previous. The bird was cute and definitely puffed out! I'm also most impressed by your drawings! I LIKE the onion in particular. You are getting a lot out of Bob's class; its' wonderful!

Mary Paquet said...

Sherri, I checked out Nora's work -- ooh, I like it. Thanks for the compliment!

Peggy, I do get a lot out of Bob's class. Art is a lifetime study, isn't it.