Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Room with a View" travels to Europe

"Room with a View: Andrews Seat"
Edinburgh, Scotland
5" x 3"
Bob and I returned several days ago from a three-week trip to Ireland, Scotland, England, and Paris, all done via public transportation -- trains, buses, mini-vans, occasional taxies, and one ferry across the Irish Sea. I painted at least one tiny painting of each location in my Moleskine watercolor journal using my Koi paint sets with water brush.
I start you in the middle of the trip with one of my more colorful pieces. During our five days in Edinburgh, we stayed in a modest B&B off Dalkeith Road, a main thoroughfare to uptown Edinburgh, about a mile and half away by local bus. The view from the room was of the famous landmark, Andrews Seat. I woke up to a gorgeous sunny morning, a rarity during this trip, and quickly sketched with my micron pen and dropped in some color.
While in town, we took a tour of the Castle, visited Holyrood, danced at a local milonga (Argentine tango venue), did some shopping for accessories for Bob's kilt, enjoyed the pubs and restaurants, and toured the National Museum. 


Jerry said...

Wow, relying on public transport over here - you are brave ;) !!

hmuxo said...

I love the vibrant colors in this piece, Mary!! Sounds like you had an amazing time!!!

Mary Paquet said...

Jerry, for us, compared to the USA, the public transit is great. However, I know not a lot of people would do an independent trip using public transit, so I accept the bravery title!

Mary Paquet said...

Hilda, thank you. We had a great time.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Oh I am so going to enjoy your trip through your moleskine. This is just lovely. Being Irish, English, and Scot (and German), I would have loved this trip.