Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Room with a View: Late Day in Colchester

"Room with a View: Late Day in Colchester"
7" x 5" watercolor

After two nights in the Montreal, Canada, area, we returned to the USA this morning. My son Jason lives in the Burlington, VT, area, a mere 90 miles south of this lovely French city. We are staying in nearby Colchester, VT, and this is the view of the Green Mountains, a pretty blue violet in the evening. Sun still shone on the edges of the trees, and the stratified clouds provided some lovely colors from the setting sun. During my youth, we spent a week every summer at our grandparent's "camp" on Malletts Bay in Colchester. Today we revisited the area with my son. The camp built by my grandfather was sold out of the immediate family years ago and made into a permanent residence.

I told Bob he had had his French lesson in preparation for a fall visit that will include Paris. At least we can read the menus. I found that all I had to say was "Bonjour" and immediately everyone switched to English. I provided some amusement to personnel at our last Inn. I was told I could park near my room, but every spot was marked "Avis" and in French I could see stern warnings about reserved parking. Thinking the Avis Corporation did rentals here, I called the desk.  I was told that Avis means Warning in French! The parking was reserved for guests of the Inn.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Beautiful painting, Mary. Your story about Avis made me laugh. I had 5 years of French and can you believe I didn't know this word? Of course, this many years later the memory goes.

Jerry said...

Wow, how I'd like to live somewhere with that for a view from my window! Gorgeous painting too!!

Rosemary said...

Pretty little watercolor - spontaneous - not fussy! Like Sherry, I had a chuckle with the Avis story! Thanks for sharing!

hw (hallie) farber said...

Ah, you've learned a new French word. Your painting made me think of the "Star Spangled Banner." Beuatiful purple mountain--majestic.