Monday, December 19, 2011

Another still life at Monday Drawing class

"Christmas Lemons"
14" x 12" Pastel

Our instructor was not well today, so Rea brought a still life and we did our best to carry on. The still life used holiday colors and her lemons. Here the lemon trees seem to be very happy in December, even with a mild frost. About two thirds of the way through the session, we all put our pieces up and critiqued our work. That's when I discovered that the bowl of the colander was too deep, so I adjusted it a bit. It's amazing how important it is to step back occasionally.  We will be off for a few weeks and then resume in 2012. We plan to bring our work for Bob's critique on the first meeting of the new year.

Last Wednesday, my critique group met for its final session. We had a lovely potluck and were reminded how much we enjoy meeting to help each other strengthen our work. Becoming friends with a large group of really good artists is one of the benefits of being in the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society. Artists from this critique group have won a number of awards and participate in galleries. I am learning so much from seeing the art and hearing the helpful comments of the other artists. 


conservativelybohemian said...

I just love those old time enamel colanders. You did an awesome job on this still life, Mary. May you and your husband have a very happy Christmas!

Barbra Joan said...

Mary, this is a wonderful pastel and you do them justice.
As for your group, I sould be sitting next to you at that table if I were still out there.
Belonging to a guild is wonderful, so many ideas to share, so much learning .. I'm in a local art guild here and couldn't have taken a better step. Love it'!
BTW, the painting behind your table is fantastic and one of my favorite formats.. thanks for the visit and comment to my blog ..
I wish you and Bob a wonderful Holiday ... hugs, BJ

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Mary, Most excellent colander still life! I like the drawing and the color. Your critique group looks like a fun group of people. Have a wonderful holiday and great New Year!

Mary Paquet said...

Thanks so much friends. Sherry, I wish I owned this handsome old colander.

Barbra Joan, My group is so special. I wish I could claim that wonderful acrylic painting, done by friend Nina, second from left in the photo. She is a wonderful, award-winning artist,in both watercolor and acrylic.

Peggy, thanks for checking in. Hope your holidays are going well.