Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Live clothed model session

"Jane with Attitude"
Graphite and watercolor
15 minute pose

Three friends who are very successful artists now share a large studio in Sunnyvale. Today they hosted a two hour session with a live model. Jane Ferguson, one of the three artists, is one of my favorite models. I've posted other pieces with Jane on this blog. Jane changes several times and we have a new challenge with each outfit. Don't you love the bright pink hat -- it was covered with sequins.

We began with 2 minute poses and worked up to 5, 10, and finally 15. I always feel a bit intimidated surrounded by so many excellent artists, but I figure I have to learn. Doing these quick gesture drawings really helps warm us up for longer poses. I used vine charcoal so I smudge out lines as necessary. You can see my proportions are off.

Gestural drawing for 5 minute pose

We moved to two 10 minute poses and I challenged myself to use the broad Copic pen in sepia. It made me be more sure and deliberate with my marks. You can see that I tend to shorten the lower half of the body during these quick pieces. I corrected.

"Jane Relaxed"
Copic Pen and Watercolor
10 minute pose

The final two poses were 15 minutes each. On the last one, Jane posed as herself, an artist at her easel. What I show below is two pieces done in the last 15 minute pose. First I did the complete body, then I moved on to doing a portrait of the upper body. I received kudos from a couple fellow artists on this final piece; they commented that it really captured Jane.

"Jane Paints"
Part of 15 minute pose

"Jane the Artist"
Cretacolor graphite
Part of 15 minute pose

Myrna Wacknov participated in the session using her I-Pad2 and an app that simulates watercolor painting. Myrna is always so experimental and she's won many awards internationally. She is also a terrific instructor who travels the world teaching art. Hopefully she will post some of her sketches from today, so check back on the link to her blog in the next few days. There is a sample of a sketch she did last night on the blog.


hw (hallie) farber said...

Mary, I am very impressed with these works. It's hard to pick a favorite--there's something about the charcoal gestural drawing that's delightful.

Mary Paquet said...

Hallie, you are so kind. The gestural drawings show Jane's spunky attitude.

Arti said...

Wow! I loved your works, must be really difficult to get the detailings right in such short periods of time, but you do it all so wonderfully! Loved them all :)

AutumnLeaves said...

I really love the charcoal piece with the raincoat and hat. Jane looks like she is just full of love of life in each of these pieces!! Glad you had fun and learned too!

Barbara Pask said...

These are all so nice, your proportions are just right.

Arti said...

These are all so beautifully done Mary... Cant choose a favorite!
Have a fabulous sunday:)

Tim Robinson said...

These look good, especially the Jane relaxed piece. Nice job.

Mary Paquet said...

Friends, thank so much for the kind comments. Ever faithful Sheery cheers me on. Arti, I enjoy your beautiful photography of India so much. Barbara, thanks for posting. I checked out your work and love the softness of your oils. Tim, your latest posting of your work continues to amaze with its variety. Thanks, everyone for encouraging me in my journey.