Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our art show in Provence and heading to Ireland

Some of my paintings on display at our "Vernissage"

Our instructor, Maggie Siner, met personally with each of us for 15 minutes on Friday afternoon. We discussed what we had accomplished and Maggie selected works to hang for our evening art show. At 7 we gathered in the studio and invited guests joined us, people from the village that know Maggie, David, and Elizabeth. We had a lovely selection of appetizers and wines. Joan and I were asked to make thank you cards for Maggie, David and Liz, and Trish.

Instructor Maggie Siner stands near the refreshment table

The show was truly a powerful ending to the workshop. We were gratified to see our works on display and had a sense of accomplishment. I was humbled by Maggie's personal thanks for being an enthusiastic participant and her comment that my work stood up well against strong oil paintings. One of the visitors was immediately drawn to my painting of the olive grove.

This small display included one of my pieces on the lower right

Joan Kendall, my artist friend from Connecticut, beside her works on display

Marie from Paris stands between her paintings and mine

Leslie Powell from North Carolina next to her beautiful work

Sally Levie, a Washington, DC, area artist presents our gift and card to Trish Adams, our coordinator

The following morning, Joan and I arose very early to await our private taxi to Marseille Airport. We went into the kitchen hoping that we might find something light to eat before our long ride. David and Liz had thoughtfully placed croissants on the table for us, and we heated some tea water. We sat on the patio savoring our final view from Les Bassacs in Provence. Several hours later we landed in Dublin.

Breakfast on the patio

Early morning by the pool

Dublin awaits

And Connamara


AutumnLeaves said...

Sigh...this just has to be a trip of a lifetime! Oh to have been able to do something like this!! Can't wait to see what happens in Ireland!

hw (hallie) farber said...

What a productive week--looks like everyone had a wall full of paintings.

Claire M said...

How fun to read about your exciting travels. Have fun in Ireland too!!

Tim Robinson said...

The trip sounds very exciting. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Christiane Kingsley said...

What a great art trip! Your paintings look fabulous. It is obvious that you really enjoyed this week. Have fun in Ireland and tell us all about it soon.
Take care.

Mary Paquet said...

Friends, so nice to hear from everyone. My life has been a bit chaotic, so I am slow to respond.

Sherry, thanks for being such a faithful visitor. I hope I get to paint some Irish paintings!

Hallie, we did do an amazing amount of work.

Claire and Tim, I know it sounded like I was in the midst of the trip. I was there from July 1 to 14 and wrote from notes and memory after the fact. I must do some work inspired by Ireland.

Christiane, thanks for your encouragement. You are such a fine artist and I appreciate your visits to my blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary! How's life treating you? Wonderful blog! Trisha Adams