Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 4 of Ted Nuttal Workshop

In process - "Baby Bob"

Another great day at the workshop. Ted talked about design and we dissected what works in some paintings by accomplished artists. Ted likes to float his art on mat board, so he showed us how to tear the paper to achieve a deckle edge similar to the one that results from the manufacturing process when the painting will be less than a full sheet.

In the afternoon, we continued to paint. I was waiting to consult with Ted on my paintings, so I continued work on "The Egg Lady." I am finally beginning to be a bit more comfortable with Ted's layered approach and am learning to keep things light. I also began work on "Thoughtful," a painting of granddaughter Jamie.

This weekend I will do a final post after completing the workshop tomorrow. Ted leaves us to fly to NYC to judge the American Watercolor Society show. This evening, about half the class and a few guests hosted Ted for dinner at an Italian restaurant. We had a lovely time. Ted told us he will do 21 workshops this year, quite a gruelling schedule.

This piece actually looks better than the photo with its harsh transitions. Ted suggested one more layer of transparent paint on the background. So far, the first layer was a pale peach mixed from cad red light and raw sienna, and the second layer raw sienna. Ted wants me to try layering a light wash of cad yellow -- he likes the contrasting light colors. He likes the shadows on Baby Bob's romper (how old fashioned is that term?) I actually got to see this very romper the only time I got to meet Bob's parents shortly before they passed away. His Mom had kept it all these years.


Sheila said...

You captured those chubby cherub cheeks perfectly! I'm so envious and happy for you being able to attend what sounds like an awesome workshop!

AutumnLeaves said...

I have to agree with Sheila; this does sound like a fabulous workshop! I love the various colors in the skin tones yet again, Mary. Beautiful work!