Monday, November 15, 2010

Back to Monday Drawing Class

"Persimmons Please"
14" x 12"

A week in New Mexico followed by a week coordinating the Frank Webb workshop equals no drawing class. I like my drawing class with Bob Semans on Monday morning. I had an "I Love Lucy" kind of morning, if you get my drift. Out of my usual rhythm, I traveled to the class 16 miles away by bicycle and light rail. I leave myself time to have coffee at McDonalds. I ordered coffee and then I could not find my wallet. I was sure I had put it in the pannier on the bike and was afraid that it had somehow fallen from the bag, so I retraced my steps to the light rail station a couple miles away. No wallet. I had left my phone in my gym clothes and I had no money, so I couldn't call Bob to check for it at home. I decided to return home where I found the wallet on the kitchen shelf. Oh yes, now I remembered that I loaded it into the pannier then decided to take it out to put together my fare for light rail. The various scenarios of calling to cancel credit card and bank card companies faded.

It was now an hour after class had begun, and I was determined to go to class, so I transferred art supplies to the car and drove. Bob was real impressed that I made it in spite of myself. There was a table set up with 5 still life arrangements and people all around it, some that I had not previously met. I found a chair, which happened to be closest to this still life. Unfortunately, I had to mentally move the fruit in front of the porcelain pot. The still life would have been perfect from the other side of the table. When Bob came and sat in my place, he had me move the fruit as no one else was doing this setup. That helped me see that I had to rework shadows on the red persimmon just a bit. Bob liked what I had done (yippy!). After just an hour of work, I was satisfied that I had done some drawing. I had lunch with friend Susan from class and returned home, where I applied a bit more pastel.


hwfarber said...

I'd say it was worth the effort getting to the class--nice work. In one of my more interesting classes--long ago--we had to draw what the still life looked like from the other side. (I enjoy trying this occasionally.)

Kathy said...

Oh, Mary! Your story made me smile and also grimace. I've done this sort of thing so many times, and I admire your grit. As Hallie said - it was worth all that effort because your work turned out so well. Perhaps adversity makes us try harder. You've developed a sensitive eye and touch.

PAMO said...

What a well told story Mary! And your persistence paid off because your work is so good.
I always love how you work with color.
I'm glad you found your wallet.

Karen said...

Wow...It turn great, even with all the distractions.

Christiane Kingsley said...

This is an amazingly serene work in spite of your trying morning! Well done as always!

Barbra Joan said...

Thats what I love about you Mary... We think alike... are you sure your not Scorpio?? lol !
An wonderful piece of art in spite of all the back and forth, up and down.. You know I am always impressed by your pastel.
I have a new quote at the bottom of my emails ... in fact I may post it to my blog... by Henry David Thoreau...
"None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm." . It came to my mind as soon as I read your post.. LOL !

Mary Paquet said...

Hallie, what a clever idea -- I didn't totally reverse it, but next time I will try that! I just moved the fruit in front.

Kathy, thanks for your support!

Pam, as always, I love to hear from you. In this drawing class, our instructor wants us to essentially do realistic work. I have finally gotten enough practice with my pastels that I am getting better with t he color.

Karen, so nice to hear from you.

Barbra Joan, I like that quote. I haven't lost my enthusiasm yet, so I remain young at hear!

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Mary, What an adventure! I do like your still life and hope you get to finish it. What a relief to have found your wallet safe at home!