Sunday, September 26, 2010

Coastal Art Adventures

"Near the Salt Marsh"
Crane Estate at Castle Hill
Ipswich, MA
14" x 11" watercolor

The Crane Estate on Castle Hill in Ipswich, MA, is a lovely early 20th century seaside estate now preserved for public and private use. Joan and I were there on a beautiful afternoon. We set up our easels away from the large house where a private wedding was underway. We overlooked salt marsh and hills that were beginning to tinge with fall colors. This sketch captures some of the lively color and beautiful shapes of a dirt road going over the rise and the surrounding lush foliage.

Yesterday's sketch depicts the front of the cottage we rented. The cottage started life as a barn and was moved to its current location by a great-grandmother of the present owner. She situated the cottage a few blocks off the harbor and the open ocean to protect it from the worst of the storms. We were delighted to have a comfortable large living/dining area with fireplace, small kitchen, old bathroom and two large upstairs bedrooms. The family has maintained the rustic barn interior without insulation and finished walls through several generations. Nostalgia overtook me as I recalled my yearly stay at my grandfather's summer place on Mallets Bay, Lake Champlain, next to Burlington, VT. Later my folks bought a 100-year-old cottage on Lake Elmore near Stowe, VT, and it's so rustic that we still have an outhouse. I was wallowing in memories!


hwfarber said...

These are definitely little jewels.

My grandchildren from the Boston area don't use r's. Husband from N.J., son-in-law from Long Island, grandchildren from Boston and I'm from southern VA--we say "Excuse me?" often.

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Mary, My Mom lived in Burlington VT as a teenager. She loved that area and is nostalgic for it. It must be a special place. Your feeling for it shows in your lovely landscapes. It sounds like a wonderful trip.

Nina E Jørgensen said...

Hey mary! sorry I havent been blogging or commenting at all during the summer! Im back now though! I like your watercolour sketches, the colours are really nice and that place looks very peaceful, Id like to go!

Mary Paquet said...

Hallie, I can imagine the fun you have communicating!

Peggy, what interesting intersections we have in our lives. We are headed to Burlington today to stay overnight on our way to returning home -- I spent four years there at the University of Vermont and several generations of our family lived there.

Nina! So good to hear from you. I will check in on your blog as I get time.