Sunday, May 2, 2010

Silicon Valley Open Studios and the Quiller Workshop

"Sunset over Tuscany"
11" x 14"
Acrylic on paper

On Day 4 Stephen switched to acrylics. We could stay with watercolor and gouache or use acrylics and I wanted to learn the medium from the master. In the morning we used the paint transparently with watercolor without adding any white to it. I will show that painting when I finish it. In the afternoon he showed using a full range of transparent, translucent (with white added), and opaque paints. He began with a transparent under painting. In my case the transparent under painting is yellow orange and a touch of red at the top. I used white mixed with cerulean blue for the sky, white mixed with Ultramarine for the mountains; thus, they are translucent. The remainder of the painting is done opaquely. I see lots that needs improving, and that's all part of the learning experience.

This year's signature painting

"Me and Matisse" is featured in the catalogue and on the website. I was delighted when one enthusiast said he came specifically to see this painting. He has collected a number of works from Open Studios and favors figures. He was very impressed, but he did not buy the work, though he came back to it several times, perhaps put off by the price. I chose to raise my prices slightly this year. The good news is I sold three paintings:
One collector had missed out on a bid at a charitable auction for a piece I donated , so she bought two paintings. The other person won the bid at the auction for the piece that showed a scene in Italy with the wash hanging from the second story window of an ancient building in Florence. Her husband told her to buy another piece depicting Europe. I also sold a lot of greeting cards, which are always a fun item for folks to take home. The other two artists made sales as well. We were blessed with a perfect California day and had the doors open for people to circulate. Because we don't have flying bugs here, no need to close a screen door. Another sunny day has dawned as we look forward to the second and final day of the Open Studios.

Alison Turner is set up in the back garden and she also has a children's art area out there. One set of nine-year-old twin boys had a blast doing art and we admired their work. I am always amazed at what wonderful color choices they make. They are great at analogous and complementary colors.


Christiane Kingsley said...

Mary, thank you for sharing your workshop experience with us! Congratulations on your sales! Selling our paintings is always so encouraging. It gives me wings for week:-)

Watercolorist said...

Congratulations Mary on the successful Open Studios. It's always gratifying to sell one's work. Interesting to read about the workshop too. Thanks

sundownerin said...

wow, its so interesting here! allways i wonder that different people do so different things all over the world at the same time...

i know, my english is bad, but i hope you understand what i mean...
shool is out since most 25 years, and so old is my english writing... hihi...

AutumnLeaves said...

Congratulations on your sales, Mary! You are living the artists dreams, I think, with your attendance to the workshops and your showings. I can't even begin to imagine!

hwfarber said...

Congratulations, Mary.

Art Adventures is certainly an appropriate title for your blog. I enjoy following your progress as an artist.

Mary Paquet said...

Thanks, blog friends. Christiane, selling a piece is very satisfying.

Jean, the workshop was terrific and I have some half-finished pieces I want to work on.

Sundownerin, your English is fine and thanks for visiting.

Sherry, I am very luck to be in an area with great workshops and shows.

Hallie, always great to hear from you. Progress is a great word -- doing art is indeed a journey.

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

Hi Mary,
I enjoyed scanning through your work with Stephen Quiller; the color is great! Congrats on the sells!