Monday, September 14, 2009

Life Drawing in Monday Morning Drawing Class

Vine charcoal

Gina was back to model for us today at my Monday morning drawing class. She has such a lovely, natural beauty and wonderful bone structure. Gina does not model professionally, but she is a a great model. We did several 5-minute poses and then this 30-minute pose and a second 30-minute pose. This piece captured Gina's likeness the best.

I always so enjoy Bob's class. He is a perfectionist on accuracy and values. His critique included suggestions to work on the where the right eye meets the under plane of the bridge of the nose. The shift from the dark of the eye socket to the under plane should be more subtle and gradual. I could work on my edges where middle values meet the darkest values. The most defined edges are where the lightest light and darkest darks converge. I could lose some edges where dark meets middle value.

Several of us enjoyed a casual lunch together and Bob talked about his instructor Maynard Richart Stewart at San Jose State University who, at 85 years of age, remains Bob's mentor. "Dick" Stewart was mentioned in the most recent Artist Magazine on it's final page. Dick's father was also a well-known portrait artist, and Dick had a fine reputation as an artist and professor. We always enjoy talking with Bob about his route to becoming a professional artist, including his time in a Catholic seminary, diversion to art school, and two years in Florence studying under a great portrait instructor.


Sheila said...

How wonderful to have a connection to such a long line of artists. Bob sounds like a fascinating teacher and I can see by your sketch how much he's been able to coach you to stretch your abilities in a short period of time.

Mary Paquet said...

Sheila, Bob is very special and the class is amazingly reasonable for having such an accomplished instructor. Bob enjoys teaching and we are so fortunate to have him. Thanks for checking in!

Nina E J said...

Hey! I went to life drawings last year- and I enjoyed it very much! Your instructor sounds very nice as well! I believe classes like these make you better when it comes to perspective and proportions etc. in the long run!

Mary Paquet said...

Nina, you are so right. I took a workshop from Mel Stabin, a very accomplished artist, and he still does life drawing every week that he is not on the road.

theresamillerwatercolors said...

Hi Mary! You've been working so much - I love your life drawing - you did a wonderful job! You are so lucky to have such a nice teacher!

Mary Paquet said...

Theresa, thanks for checking in. I love your newest work on your blog. Beautiful cityscapes!